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​By Rosemary Ellen Guiley c. Visionary Living, Inc.


Houses can become haunted for many reasons.  They do not have to be old – brand new houses can be haunted. No deaths are required for hauntings, either. The following are nine reasons why haunting activity lodges in a house, along with some of the remedies that can be applied to relieve the situation. No two situations are alike, and experimentation may be required to find the right remedies.


1.  Residues

The living leave behind residues of energy when they die, which, if strong enough, coalesce into imprints of images, sounds, smells and minor movement. Intense emotion generated by life events – great happiness, great sadness, tragedy and so on – creates and energizes residues, which are experienced as ghosts and haunting phenomena: apparitions, footsteps, tapping, knocks, distinctive smells, cool breezes, and so on.  Residues can last for centuries but they do fade over time, which is why some famous hauntings
from centuries past no longer are experienced.


Remedies: 1. Environmental cleansing with incense, sage, crystals and white light. 2. Invocation of spiritual help (angels, guides) to
seal a protective sacred space. 3. Use of feng shui to alter subtle energy. 4. Renovation, redecoration, and rearrangement.


2. Deaths

Houses can be haunted without having had anyone die in them, but death, especially tragic, can impart powerful residual energy. Accidents, crimes, natural disasters and painful, lingering illness may leave scars on the psychic landscape.


Remedies: 1. Residual remedies as above. 2. Prayers to help the dead be at peace.


3. Earthbound souls

Some people do not make an immediate transition to the afterlife, but linger for a while in a twilight between the worlds of the
living and dead.  Earthbound conditions can happen in sudden, unexpected death, in which the dead are temporarily lost or confused. Sometimes the individuals choose to be earthbound because of an attachment to a life or place, fear of the afterlife, or desire to complete unfinished business.


Remedies: Establish communication and assist the completion of the transition to the afterlife. Some psychics and mediums specialize in releasement.


4. Burial sites

Houses built on old burial grounds can be haunted. The basis for this seems to be the long-held tradition that the dead do not like their
resting places disturbed. These kinds of hauntings may be more active, with poltergeist effects such as loud noises, unpleasant smells, shadow figures, and the moving and breaking of objects.


Remedies: Depending on how the land has been altered, it may not be possible to relocate graves. 1. Reconsecrate the site and honor the dead with prayer and ritual. 2. Environmental cleansing.


5. Energized land

Sometimes the land itself holds an energy that enables or facilitates haunting activity. The presence of underground streams, tunnels,
caves, old mines, and certain minerals and metals can act as batteries for phenomena, keeping residues alive. Earth energies can create interdimensional portals as well. The earth is populated with a variety of beings who find certain places agreeable for transit or occupation. For example, fairy lore is full of accounts of people who built on land “owned” by the fairies, who were not pleased, and created all manner of haunting phenomena. I see many cases like this today.


Remedies: 1. Realignment of energy lines via dowsing. 2. Striking of an agreement with resident beings. 3. Relocation.


6. Occult activity

Certain kinds of occult activity, such as spell-casting, spirit conjuring and spirit communication, invites spirits to enter a place.
Sometimes they do not leave, either because they were not sent away properly and the door between world closed, or the summoners lost control. Such spirits can linger in a place and bother old and new occupants. Ritual activity also creates thoughtform residues that add to hauntings.


Remedies: 1. Environmental cleansing. 2. House exorcism of unwanted presences. 3. Cessation of activity that invites the presences. 4.
Removal of ritual objects.


7. Spirit attachments

Spirits can ride into a house on an object, such as a second-hand item. If conditions are right, the spirits anchor in and start haunting the place.


Remedies: 1. Removal of object. 2. House exorcism if necessary. 3. Energy healing/spirit detachment for affected persons.


8. Curses and Psychic Attacks

Sometimes a place can be affected by a powerful curse or psychic attack launched by an individual.  Curses and psychic attacks are
usually aimed at people, but the effects can spill over into the environment, affecting everyone on the property. Sometimes these assaults are aimed at places in order to bring discomfort to anyone living there.


Remedies: 1. Exorcisms of house and affected people. 2. Environmental cleansings. 3. Securing help to break the psychic connection and
end the curse or attack. 4. Removal of “Trojan horse” objects, such as cursed gifts. 5. Energy healing/spirit detachment for affected persons.


9. Possession

Individuals may become possessed by negative spirits under certain circumstances, such as inappropriate occult activity, addictions, and other factors. Phenomena can spread out into the environment, creating unpleasant and even hazardous experiences for others.


Remedies: 1. Religious and medical assistance. 2. Exorcisms and environmental cleansings. 3. Energy healing/spirit detachment.


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