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The first update in fourteen years of one of Lake Claremont Press's top sellers ever, the second edition of Graveyards of Chicago has all new photography, almost twice as many photos (300+), almost twice as many pages (400+), includes footnotes (almost 500), and contains QR codes for each cemetery leading to additional photos and bonus material.

"This is a great book, both visually and historically, and worth its purchase price.  Well researched and beautifully photographed, this is a most special book that reflects the importance of cemeteries in the past and present." - Crabigail Cassidy

Join author and paranormal explorer Amelia Cotter as she presents a chilling collection of personal paranormal encounters gathered from friends, family, ghost hunting teams, and suburban adventurers across Maryland-in some of its most legendary haunted locations, private homes, hidden, and sometimes unexpected places.

"This is a great collection of stories that could take place anywhere, even your hometown.  Amelia does a fantastic job of telling the stories in such a way that you do not want to put the book down." - Chuck

Author Jim Graczyk takes the reader on a tour of the haunted Windy City, Chicago, in this condensed book on ghost stories...

​"I have been looking for a simple guide to get me around the Chicagoland area, well this is it."  - Anonymous

"Anyone looking for Bachelor's Grove or Resurrection Mary?  Monk's Castle?  Then you need to pick this up and read the book." - Casper

Long distance travels, lengthy investigations, sleepless nights, shady hotels, and of course chance encounters with the unknown.  And that's just the half of it...

"This is a fun, interesting book that offers insight into the world of ghost hunters that few before have attempted to present."  - S. O'Toole

"When academics look back on this era of interest in the paranormal, this book will no doubt be heavily dog eared and cited as source material." - M. Kleen