Spectral Society

Paranormal Enthusiasts

Although headquartered in Chicago, the American Spectral Society has members representing 12 states across the USA.

About Us

We ponder.  We innovate.  We think outside the box.  We amaze people, including ourselves! 

We are a group of friends based out of Chicago that have an incredible love for the paranormal field.  We perform the necessary research involved with investigating reports of haunted happenings and take a scientific approach to all investigations we partake in.  Traveling across the country in search of the paranormal has also led to our insatiable love for delicious food. 

Applying many combined years of experience, our team patiently researches the unknown, deeply considers the realm of possibilities, and pursues answers to what lies beyond death's door.

Our society focuses on having fun while keeping our work serious.  No politics.  No stipulations.  No BS.  All business.